Backflow Prevention Installation, And Annual Testing

A backflow prevention device is an essential component of a potable water system that helps to protect the water supply from contamination. The purpose of a backflow prevention device is to prevent water from flowing back into the water supply system, which could carry contaminants and pollutants into the drinking water.

Backflow can occur in a potable water system when the pressure in the system changes. For example, if the water pressure in the system decreases, it can create a vacuum that can cause water from other sources (such as irrigation systems, fire suppression systems, or industrial processes) to be drawn back into the potable water system. This can result in the introduction of harmful substances into the water supply, potentially posing a health risk to those who consume it.

A backflow prevention device works by automatically closing when it senses a change in water pressure, preventing water from flowing back into the water supply. The device is usually installed at the connection point where the water supply enters a building or other facility. Different types of backflow prevention devices are available for various applications, including reduced pressure backflow preventers, double check valves, and atmospheric vacuum breakers.

It is important to have a properly installed and maintained backflow prevention device in a potable water system to ensure the safety and quality of the water supply.

You may receive a notice from Sydney Water to have your backflow prevention device tested, or you wish to complete your annual testing for compliance or maintenance purposes.

To complete this you are required to engage a licensed & accredited plumber for this service and submit the completed report to Sydney Water, not all plumbers are accredited to work on backflow devices. At Result Plumbing, we can install, service, check, repair and certify backflow systems in residential and commercial structures all over Sydney.

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