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Result Plumbing is family owned and operated. We take pride in the high quality of our service and workmanship across all plumbing jobs. With this attitude, we provide an environment that our experienced team of plumbers wants to be a part of.

Steve Ellis, a fully licensed plumber, drainer and gasfitter, heads the Result Plumbing team. The team has many years of experience in the plumbing maintenance industry. We’ve made a name for ourselves amongst our peers and clients as a leader in leak locating and fault diagnosis.

We pride ourselves on sharing skills and knowledge in plumbing with the whole Result Plumbing team. This not only improves the levels of skill and workmanship at Result Plumbing but also helps raise the industry standard as a whole.

The team at Result Plumbing includes Qualified Plumbers, Drainers, Gasfitters, Apprentices, Labourers, Office and Administration Staff and Licensed Builders, who carry out the remedial work and building repairs.

We take significant pride in our work and will supply you with a dedicated team to provide a complete, professional service. You can rest assured that from booking to completion, any plumbing project performed by Result Plumbing will be carried out by experienced, qualified plumbers.

Our team works right across all Sydney metropolitan areas, specalising in commercial plumbing and strata plumbing work.

Call Result Plumbing on 1300 780 760 to discuss your plumbing project.

Delivering plumbing services across Sydney.

Phone: 1300 780 760

Email: info@resulttrade.com.au

Licence: 210534C

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